Here you can register for and access any of my available workshops.


All workshops include freebie downloads!


The sessions are also recorded so you can access them in your own time, as many times as you like!

  • introducing foods £20

    Everything you need to know about introducing family foods, from signs of readiness, to portion size and everything in between. Find out what weaning method suits you, and what to do if your baby gags or chokes when eating food.

    Includes FREE pdf checklist and weaning cheat sheet for you to keep.

  • gentle night weaning £25

    If you are ready to stop breastfeeding your baby through the night, learn how to gently wean your baby from nightfeeding with my gentle night weaning workshop.

    Suitable for babies 18 months+

    Includes FREE pdf download of gentle sleep and night weaning tips for you to keep AND sleep diary template.

  • preparing to breastfeed £25

    Your feeding plan is just as important as your birth plan. Getting practical tips and evidence based information can make all the difference whether you're a first time parent or not.

    You will learn:

    - Milk biology
    - Common breastfeeding issues and troubleshooting
    - What you can do to prepare
    - My top tips for success
    - Common myths and the REAL truth
    - How your partner can support you

    Includes FREE feeding plan template with affirmations, and FREE top tips for successful breastfeeding guide.

  • what your baby's poo is telling you £10

    The ONE thing parents become frantically obsessed with is poo. No one told you this did they, when you were pregnant? That you would explore every nappy as if you were mining for gold. If you find yourself confused over what's in your baby's nappy then this is the workshop for you.

    Includes FREE pdf download checklist (aka "the shit sheet") for you to keep and use which is my own special version of the Bristol Stool Chart.


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