knowledgable and insightful

Charlotte was very helpful to us, she is knowledgable and insightful. The information she sent in follow up to our consultation was also very helpful. We still have a lot of work to do, but what Charlotte has done has made my baby a lot less frustrated!!

The workshop is an essential for first time mums

I have just completed the ‘Introduction to Solids’ workshop and wanted to say a big thank you! My son is turning six months on Saturday so this was perfect timing. Much of the advice I have been given seems to be dated and unsuitable – I have also felt pressured to start weaning early which I didn’t want to do. (Everyone seems to be in a rush these days?!) What I loved about the workshop is that it gives clear, up-to-date, evidence based information that I know will be ‘helpful and healthful’ to me and my son. The workshop is an essential for first time mums! 

very supportive, non judgemental.

I recommended to all of my NCT group and other friends. I would now recommend to all my pregnant friends wishing to breastfeed to have a consultation with you or another practitioner pre birth. I did not feel that the NCT breastfeeding sessions were very good and wish we had someone like you to support us. You were very supportive, non judgemental and being able to message for the 2 weeks was so reassuring.


You sat in my house when I was crying on the sofa, overwhelmed, tired and struggling to get my baby to latch. Your words went on not only to meet but to exceed our breastfeeding goals and now I’m breastfeeding my second daughter. 

Thanks so much x

THE WORKshop was a great refresher.

Just wanted to say I found your workshop really interesting and it will definitely be very helpful. My son has just turned 6 months so it came at the perfect time! He’s my second but I couldn’t for the life of me remember what I did with my daughter 3 years ago so the workshop was a great refresher. I’ve already recommended it to a friend.