Home is where the breast is.

I wrote this on Facebook recently and realised it’s probably a good idea to document these sporadic posts on my Actual Blog. So here it is, my most recent tear stained ramblings, fuelled by mum guilt and almost-four-years-old-I-can’t-quite-believe-it snuggles.. 11.08.19 “5 months, 27 days, or25 weeks and 2 days, or177 days… Since your last breastfeed.… Continue reading Home is where the breast is.

Every Drop Counts.

Four years ago, my breastfeeding journey began. My first born. My first true love. I was, “just going to breastfeed him”, as I told the midwife. I didn’t realise anything could go wrong, let alone how many issues women face with breastfeeding even before they start. I was lucky. Not only was I lucky, I… Continue reading Every Drop Counts.

We need tangible support not empty slogans!

I love my work, I really do. I love supporting families.But in an ideal world, my job wouldn’t exist, or I’d only need be involved in really complex cases, or just to basically be a really good cheerleader! So much of the work I do is correcting issues that are preventable. That could be avoided… Continue reading We need tangible support not empty slogans!